Customized Training

We ensure all trainings are timely, comprehensive, and maximally beneficial for our clients

Customized Training

Each organization that undertakes a sustainability initiative – whether initiating a first attempt to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements or reviving and improving upon existing or legacy sustainability policies – has a unique set of goals, priorities, available resources, regulatory contexts, and executive attention. GTSI provides highly customized sustainability training modules that are tailored to match each organization’s individual needs.

For example, trainings may be focused on helping one organization’s technical team become proficient in particular modeling tools, whereas other organizations benefit from classroom modules to help executives from diverse sectors become knowledgeable about corporate sustainability best practices in their industry.

Our Approach

To design custom training modules, we first collaborate closely with our clients to clearly delineate goals and priorities, align training content and delivery method to the time and resources available, identify the most relevant and appropriate participants, and design a syllabus. We draw on our own broad and deep experience in sustainability education and training, and we also utilize our top-tier research skills and extensive global networks to identify new developments and best practices from around the globe.

GTSI Expertise

We have broad experience in developing and delivering customized trainings, including a sustainability executive education program for the Singapore Business Federation and the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2014, an annual sustainability module as part of the NUS Executive MBA Programme, and an online training course on carbon pricing based on the Carbon Tax Guide for the World Bank and United Nations.