Business Process Improvements

We apply rigorous and systemic sustainability consulting to help organizations optimize their processes

Business Process Improvements

Business process improvement involves assessment of organizational practices to assess areas for needed improvements, designing and implementing process improvements, and establishing processes for ongoing review of organizational practices.

Our Approach

Our team helps organizations identify where changes are needed and collaborates with employees and leadership to analyze current business processes. Considerations include sustainability impacts on environment, society, and economic development. Our team looks inside and outside each organization for solutions, works with organizational leadership to gain commitment to recommended process changes, develops a detailed and accessible plan for process improvements, and identifies and appropriate metrics for success.

GTSI Expertise

We have used this approach to enhance business processes by incorporating principles of sustainability into business processes, implementing science-based targets for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and developing sustainable supply chains. Currently, GTSI team members are engaged in an ongoing project to assist the U.S. Federal Government in identifying, monitoring, and mitigating supply chain risks.